So a while back I wrote a post on marketability. Mainly the point was that you should always be learning and keeping up with the latest and greatest. Along with learning new "things" you should continue to perfect what already you do know. So here is my plug for DVLUP.

DVLUP is a program from Nokia that helps developers. One form of help is challenges. These challenges have requirements that must be met in your app but allow you to create any app you can imagine. Through these challenges you as a developer are exposed to new concepts that you may have never thought of along with maintaining core concepts you already know. Plus it can just be good practice. 

A memorable milestone for me was when I was creating an app for the New App challenge and I had to implement a feedback a rating system. My thinking was "Oh great! How do I begin that". Here is where I learned about Launchers and URI schemas for built in apps on Windows Phone 8. Amazing but simple! I also was introduced to Nokia Rate My App.

On top of challenges they have rewards for the challenges, live events you can attend and a community full of knowledgeable developers. For the young child in us you can also earn stickers for certain milestones that you achieve. You can't go wrong with DVLUP. 

So please go visit DVLUP.com. It's an amazing way to start and continue your developer career. Thanks!


Hey everyone,

So I am very sorry that I have not posted anything in a very long time. We are currently working on a global project here where I work and have been doing a lot of testing. I finally have a chance to write. There is a ton of content that I want to put up so I will try and be diligent in writing. Thanks!