Hey Everyone,

Well here is my new blog. This is my first run at a blog and also administering a blog site. Basically I am going to use this site to write about my programming experiences whether good or bad. If all goes well then in the future I will add different content.

So a little about me. I work as a Programmer Analyst at a major dental manufacturer. I specifically work with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 and soon BizTalk Server 2013. Currently we are looking at moving to the Azure cloud so I am getting some hands on with that. I am also going to be helping out with a website that uses Microsoft MVC and I am very excited to be able to be apart of that. Lastly, I hope to start writing a Windows Phone 8 app to better monitor our servers that host BizTalk and allows us to perform custom tasks through PowerShell.

Well thanks for stopping by and I hope to here from you soon!