Two-Step Verification

So I recently enabled Two-Step Verification on my Microsoft accounts. Soon after that Outlook was prompting me for a password repeatedly and not accepting my usual password. Great! Now what?

A simple Bing search revealed that these apps have no way of prompting you for a code like say a website. The same goes for a mobile device like my Windows Phone. Below is a link explaining what I just said in a little more detail.

Also for Two-Step verification, make sure you grab the Microsoft Authenticator app. Microsoft has an app for the Windows Phone and Android but none for the iPhone and from what I have found there is no Windows App either. Fortunately you can use the Google Authenticator app for the iPhone and Windows device with your Microsoft Accounts.

Microsoft Authenticator App for Windows Phone

Microsoft Authenticator App for Android

Google Authenticator for iPhone

Google Authenticator for Windows

So in all it's all good stuff to have this Two-Step verification set up. Just be prepared to be pestered to setup some apps with it. I will also get a post up about how to create an App password for each app or device that needs one. Thanks!